A Layer 2 Management DAO Framework for Community Collaborations

Introducing Metis Protocol

Optimistic Rollup Based

Layer 2 Protocol 

Convert Governance DAO to Full Function Management DAO


Create a DAO with the Optimistic Governance mechanism embedded

Layer2 Framework, Tools and APIs to initiate and organize all the online community activities and share incentives

Buildup Reputation Power based on Staking and Collaboration Track Record

Full Function DAO Protocol

Upgrade the legacy DAO and expand the DAO’s use scenarios by synergizing collaboration management with DAO’s governance structure

Optimistic Rollup Ready

Leveraging Staking and Pull Back as the fundamental governance principle, integrating the Optimistic Rollup side chain implementation with on-chain governance to provide an executable and protectable environment for community collaborations

Backbone Defi 2.0

Connect Defi LEGO with real-world economic activities to support new Defi products innovation with community members' engagement


Use Cases

Defi Projects

Not just liquidity-mining, a new way to grow the community and integrate with real-world economic activities

Open Source Projects
Community Economy
Sharing Economy


Elena Sinelnikova

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Co-Founder and CEO

Kevin Liu

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Co-Founder and Product Lead

Yuan Su

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Co-Founder and Tech Lead


This is the way

Stone Age

Dec 2018- Oct 2020

Building up the cornerstone for Metis Protocol with

  • the Genesis version of White Paper, Purple Paper

  • Meta Staking Contract

  • the POC ComCo Framework

  • Initial Funding

Bronze Age

Oct 2020-Dec 2020

  • Project cold launch

  • Public test net launch

  • Founding members join and use Metis Protocol to stake and govern for their projects manually to mint Metis Token incentives

  • API connection with Defi projects and joint promotion with Defi communities

  • Launch POC Layer 2 version using OR

Firearm Age

Jan 2021-Apr 2021

  • Main net launch with Layer 2 solution

  • Support DACs to issue their own tokens

  • DApps/Community onboard program

  • Microservice tools community development program

Discovery Age

May 2021 and beyond

  • Enroll more DApps/Community onboard

  • Integrate open source microservice tools and launch Data Assets Market

  • Buildup DAC ecosystem


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